Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 is Install-Free

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You remember how, when it was announced that final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 would ship on 3 discs? Remember how the 360 fans retorted that changing discs would be better than sitting through a mandatory install?

Seems that particular counter-attack may have been moot – as it looks like the PS3 version of the game – due in Japan this December – won’t need to be installed.

Thankfully, the lack of an install doesn’t mean increased load times; According to IGN the only times you’ll experience loading screens is the transition from towns to open fields – within each of them the game is seamless, meaning no visible load times.

Motomu Toriyami, the game’s director has said that the team looked at ways to reduce load times very early on in development – making installation unnecessary.

For the trophy hunters among you, IGN have also confirmed that the game – like all PS3 games should – will have trophy support.

Source : IGN

Last Updated: October 22, 2009

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