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Final Fight’s Abigail is the latest Street Fighter V brawler

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Street Fighter V Abigail (2)

How far would you go to be the dude at gym who can out-lift all other dudes in the free weights section…bro? Would you learn the whey of the dragon, have more protein powdered drinks running through your system than actual blood and never skip leg day? You might be just the fella that Street Fighter V’s latest character is aimed at. Season 2 of Capcom’s road brawler game has a familiar but new face that’ll be hitting the tarmac soon.

Say hello, to Abigail. Just don’t laugh at his name:

…THAT’S A LOT OF MUSCLES! Abigail looks like a WWE wrestler’s dream physique, a towering collection of deltoids and biceps in an eight-foot frame. Hell, his model alone takes up most of the screen, which is going to play havoc with my sense of spacing if I ever encounter him online. A quick look at his gameplay gives off a few clues regarding how to use him.

He looks like your standard big guy opponent, trading speed for power and throwing in a few piston-pumpin’ rush attacks that armours him up for a few frames. The downside to all of that muscle mass however, is that he makes for one massive target for anyone that’s a fan of taking a fight off the streets and into the air. Maybe he’ll have a few solid air counters, much like iconic big muscle fellas such as Guilty Gear’s Potemkin or the Red Cyclone himself, Zangief.

Fun fact: Abigail’s new look is based on legendary heavy metal musician King Diamond, a hard rocker who has used Abigail in several songs and also for the title of his second album. The more you know and all that. Tying the whole Final Fight theme together is a new stage as well, the Metro City Bay Area arena. Which is just outside of Abigail’s scrap metal shop. Convenient.

Last Updated: July 17, 2017

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