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Finally, a reason to play League of Legends

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League of Legends arcade (6)

I’m not the biggest fan of MOBA games, outside of a quick session of SMITE every now and then, which I kind of dig on Xbox One. They’re not my specific forte, and being told that I’m going to be fluffer in the ninth circle of hell for all eternity by a ten year-old who takes the genre way too seriously, is kind of off-putting.

That being said, I am a fan of design. Specifically, the kind of design that you rarely find outside of a video game arcade. And this custom arcade stand for League of Legends, has my attention and my interest.

League of Legends arcade (1)

League of Legends arcade (2)

League of Legends arcade (5)

League of Legends arcade (7)

League of Legends arcade (3)

League of Legends arcade (4)

Here’s what AnthonyMJohnson on Reddit had to say about his build:

Inspired in part by the slew of Arcade skins that Riot has been releasing, plus my newest hobby of building custom arcade cabinets, a light bulb went off in my head: Why not build a fully functioning (But probably not optimal) League of Legends arcade cabinet?

So I did.

The end result looked pretty neat, so I figured I’d share with you wonderful people, maybe even inspire some similar ideas. =)

There are still some adjustments and polish pieces I’d like to add, including some better ergonomics (I’m a bit tall for this cabinet’s console height, plus right now the console is just a flat board) and supplying this thing with some much better speakers, but overall I’m pretty happy with the outcome for a day or so of work.

Edit: So this kind of totally blew up way more than I expected. But thanks so much for all the love, feedback, and constructive criticism!

I think my next goals for this are: better control area with the keyboard/mouse, getting every champ unlocked (so you can walk up and play anyone), and maybe a custom shell/GUI on top of Windows to feel more arcade-like when it’s idle. And who knows, maybe building four more of them for real-deal in-person team games.

That is just drop-dead sexy that is. The arcade cabinet is an art form in my opinion, one that is far more attractive than a canvas with a paint enema splashed on it. Pure art, I tells ya. Pure art. Now to see if I can make myself a Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance cabinet without sawing my thumbs off.

Last Updated: September 25, 2015

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