Finweek investigates the local gaming industry

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Local financial show Finweek have decided to investigate the local gaming industry to find out why it is bigger than the Movie and Music industries. This is a great moment for the local industry as it shows that the larger mainstream and economical media are now starting to take the industry seriously.

But they unfortunately didn’t quite do it quite right.

To get all the details about the industry they invited Colin Webster from the MSSA and Travis Bulford, the developer behind Toxic Bunny.

Now as much as I disagree with how Colin sometimes runs the MSSA I do think he was a very important person to have on the show. And as much as I respect Travis Bulford he is only an indie developer and isn’t really well placed to discuss some of  the finer details of the industry.

In an ideal world there are the people I would have wanted to see on the show

  1. Colin Webster, President of the MSSA
  2. A leading distributor such as Megarom or Ster-Kinekor
  3. PandaTank (if possible)
  4. Someone from the gaming media like Michael James from NAG
  5. And then Travis Bulford

But either way I’m glad this actually happened and hopefully we get to see more coverage moving forward.

Last Updated: July 30, 2013

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