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Fire Emblem comes back to the 3DS

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Fire Emblem If

When it comes to 3DS games, there’s only one RPG title out there that trumps Pokémon in my opinion. And that’s Fire Emblem Awakening. One of the finest RPG experiences ever condensed into a handheld format, Fire Emblem Awakening had it all: Tight combat, a great story, love, loss and some jaw-dropping cinematics. Naturally, I’ve been yearning for a new Fire Emblem for ages now. And the next one is looking pretty killer.

Here’s the latest trailer for Fire Emblem If, which was revealed further in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct:

I’m digging it! If you can’t watch the trailer above, then the skinny on the story here, is that your main custom character will find himself caught in a conflict between two kingdoms. The peace-loving hippies nation of the Hoshida, and the glory-seeking warriors of Nohr. You’re a child of both clans, and you can only side with one of them as the game progresses.

According to Nintendo, siding with the Hoshida will make for an easier option, while going with the Nohr counts as hard mode in the game. Fire Emblem If is also pulling a Pokemon this year, in the Japanese market that is. The game will be available in two separate versions, Black Kingdom and White Kingdom. According to Siliconera, if you buy one version you can then purchase the other as DLC.

Fire Emblem covers

A third storyline is also planned for the game after it releases on June 25, with a limited release afterwards where all three storylines are bundled into one package. Hopefully that’s the one we’ll get when the game goes west in 2016…Holy crap, that is way too long to wait.

Last Updated: April 2, 2015


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    April 2, 2015 at 10:42

    Anyone know where I can get a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening here in SA? Could do eBay but…well nah.


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