Firewatch is unique, mysterious and absolutely gorgeous

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There’s something about the wilderness. The fresh air. The green leaves. The tall tress. It would be a shame if everything…oh I don’t know…just went up in smoke now wouldn’t it? That’s exactly where Firewatch wants to trap you.
Firewatch is one of those indie titles that completely flew under my radar the first time it was formally revealed, which made its first trailer release almost like a debut. It’s a  heavily-stylized, first-person adventure that is part mystery, part slow decent into insanity?

Sign. Me. Up.

Firewatch puts you in control of Henry, a lonely watchman in the absolutely gorgeous Wyoming wilderness. Again, the gorgeous wilderness. Developers Campo Santo have opted for a heavily stylized approach with this rather unique first person adventure, and it the reason why it stands out. Personally, I’d take this over photorealism any day.

As for the gameplay, well there isn’t much below. You do get the sense that Henry is slowly losing it, with his only contact to the world being a mysterious friend on the other end of a walkie talkie. He’s trapped in a leafy bomb that could literally ignite at any moment. How would you deal with it?

Firewatch is out next year on PC, Mac and Linux. It’s hopefully coming to consoles soon after.

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Last Updated: September 1, 2014

Alessandro Barbosa

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  • Ohhh, colour me intrigued!

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      You’re biased because it’s your colour.

  • PERSONA 5!!!! (Umar)

    Seems a bit overly avant-garde , but it looks interesting

  • Hammersteyn

    He abseils without gloves???

    • Admiral Chief Assassin

      I’d be more worried about the state of his nails…is that…white nail polish?

      Where is our resident make-up expert?

      • Hammersteyn


    • Alessandro Barbosa


      By the end of the game, Henry’s hands are going to have more holes than swiss cheese 😛

    • Pieter Smal


  • Hammersteyn

    So there wasn’t any fires in the trailer that I could see. But if there is, do you just call it in while watching the world burn or do you continue fighting with Delilah?

    • Sk3tz0

      Watch the World Burn as u open ur Packet of Marshmellows.. giggling like a little schoolgirl

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        It’s not a giggle, it’s a manly chuckle or guffaw.

        • Sk3tz0

          well i like to giggle when i set things on fire.. thank you very much…

  • Hammersteyn

    “Henry there are some things you can’t prevent” What? Like forest fires?

    • Sk3tz0

      Actually his name is Josh…

      • Hammersteyn

        But she says Henry @ 1:48?

        • Sk3tz0

          That’s his Code name..

          • Admiral Chief Assassin

            He eats a lot?

          • Sk3tz0

            ya he likes Smoked Ribs

      • Admiral Chief Assassin


      • Hammersteyn

        LOL I refreshed the page

  • Xcalibersa

    This sounds incredible boring

  • Pieter Smal

    “I don’t give a shit”

    It looks like an indie-game – and exactly the kind of game I want to play!

  • Asturias_Knytt

    Oh dayum day one. I stopped watching. I don’t want spoilers! Looks like Dear Esther…but it’s actually a game!

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