First screenshots and info arrives for XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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Well, you guys, begged, pleaded, nagged and death-threatened for a more traditional XCOM game, and you guys now have it. The FireAxis developed game was recently announced, and while that other XCOM FPS game has been pushed back to 2013, this re-imagined version of the original game seems to be receiving far more positive attention from longtime fans.

Details have been exceedingly rare since the new game was announced. Until now that is.

GameInformer recently answered some questions to which they had information on, due to their February cover reveal, as well as posted some screenshots of the title. From what GI has revealed, the remake will feature traditional real time elements and turn-based combat gameplay, as well as incorporate some degree of diplomacy for research funding.

So far, it looks like the remake that fans have wanted all along, and the following screenshots only sweeten the deal for alien-busting even further.



Expect an American Autumn release for this particular XCOM game, which takes place after the events of the 2013 XCOM FPS title.

Last Updated: January 10, 2012

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