First Sonic review is in… unbelievably it is actually good

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I know I am not alone in the dark pit of Sonic despair hoping that one day Sega will be able to make a new Sonic game that doesn’t entirely suck.

And now finally I see a glimmer of light, IGN has posted up their review of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and all in all it’s a pretty decent review.

The overall game got an 8/10 and while it’s not a sterling result all round with presentation and sound getting 7 and lasting appeal getting a 6 it is enough of a score to get me to download it and hopefully rekindle those fond memories I had of the original Sonic series.

The only downer is that it’s not cheap… at $15 (1200 MSP) for 4 levels you would need to be a big fan of the series to download a copy.

Sonic 4 will be available on the PSN, XBLA, Wii and iPhone tomorrow.

Check the full review out through the link below.

Source: IGN

Last Updated: October 12, 2010

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