Flamebait Friday Debate: Stop Playing Games And Go Be Responsible Old Person!

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So… on Wednesday we posted an article about some douche on TV who said that it’s “weird” to play video games if you are above the age of 30.

As gaming ages and grows alongside all of us, we all get left with this strange question… that while it was fine for us to game when we were kids… what now? A lot of us are older, almost thirty, over thirty, over forty… heck we have had a few commenters in here over 50 and we are apparently supposed to be asking ourselves if we are being immature, irresponsible losers.

So if you are older than like… say 30 then… stop playing games and go do mature things idiot… like err… read the newspaper, do some gardening… mindlessly watch reruns of American Idol auditions over and over

Or I dunno… get online and be a legend in your own time. Who cares about TV morons, the Lazygamer community are the real judge of the gaming world.

So what do we think of all this jazz, is there a point where we all need to call it quits?

Last Updated: July 15, 2011

Nick De Bruyne

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