Flamebait Friday Debate: Why are people defending the PSN downtime?

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You know I just don’t get people sometimes, and by people I mean people, not even the trolls and fanboys of the world.

During this time of PSN downtime, I have come across countless articles on the net saying how the downtime is the best thing to ever happen to Sony, and how the Playstation 3 is so great on its own that real fans wouldn’t even really care if PSN never came back.

I’m sitting through all of this and I’m thinking “Are you guys ****ing mad?”. The hacks, the downtime, the ginormous credit card info debacle… it’s all bad, bad, bad. Who defends a bunch of suits and a stack of plastic and metal with furious loyalty, even when money is being lost, services have been taken away and all that people are getting is a “Oh soz ppl, have sum PS Plus… err, at some point in the future”.

A topic worth debating? It must be, because no one has stopped talking about it and it’s Flamebait Friday, which means anything goes… so let’s hear what real fans and haters have to say, now’s your chance.

Last Updated: May 6, 2011

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