Flamebait Friday Debate: Your Buddy Wants A PS3 But You Think He Should Buy An Xbox 360 Instead.

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We all know about this one, because it’s probably happened to us all once before.

You have a buddy who can’t be classified as either a casual or hardcore gamer and one day they call you up and say “Hey, my knowledgable gaming friend, I want to buy one of them fancy looking console, which one do I buy?”.

So your buddy wants a console, but which one would you recommend right now? He used to own a Playstation 1 or 2, so he reckons he is gonna go for the Playstation 3, but you might think otherwise. At the same time he might want to try out that Gears of War game he has heard so much about, but you know that there is more to a system than one or two games.

Which console has the perfect balance for an in-betweener like them? Do you tell them to pick up an Xbox 360 with Halo Reach and meet you on Xbox Live for a game in half an hour, or do you suggest they go and get a Playstation 3 instead.


Last Updated: October 22, 2010

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