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The floor is off limits (and on fire) in Hot Lava

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Hot Lava

If you never played the floor is lava as a kid, then you can’t honestly claim to have had a proper childhood. Speaking of which, Alessandro, get down off the damn couch. No, you’re not going to die if you do dammit!

I’m so sorry you had to see that. Honestly, he’ll be fine, unless if course, he happens to be playing Hot Lava, a recently announced game from Klei Entertainment (via Kotaku).

They’re the same studio that bought you the likes of Shank, Torchlight II, and more recently, the Don’t Starve franchise. They’re now working on something completely different, a 3D parkour title where the premise is, well, that the floor is literally lava. Hot Lava is that game we all played as kids, but IN REAL LIFE! Check it out…

Hot Lava transports you back to your childhood imagination. Relive those moments of excitement, joy and chaos. Traverse distinct worlds, from school hallways to the memories of your darkest fears. This is a game of dexterity and ingenuity, you will have to use all your skills to complete the treacherous obstacles that await.

But whatever you do… Don’t Touch The Floor.

  • Traverse: Furniture is piled high in the living rooms, schools and offices. One false move and you will wind up in the Lava, or crushed against a wall.
  • Climb: Swing, slide and shimmy on ropes, pipes and ledges. Explore a virtual playground of obstacles and challenges.
  • Surf: Slide along frictionless surfaces to reach incredible speeds and perform impossible jumps.

Eat your heart out Mirrors Edge and Dying Light. High-rises and zombies seem awfully tame next to an entire floor of doom, don’t they? No? Fine, maybe just to me then.

Hot Lava doesn’t have a release date just yet, but a closed beta is on the horizon. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can apply right here. I’m doing so myself right this very second!

Last Updated: August 30, 2016

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