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Former Crackdown, Fable II, GTA and MotoGP devs form new studio

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Gaming industry old-hands Gaz Liddon and Billy Thompson have officially confirmed the creation of a new new development house. Ruffian Games – which aims “to bring the best in action gaming to current generation consoles” – is comprised of staff that have worked on such illustrious titles as Fable 2, Crackdown, GTA, Project Gotham Racing and MotoGP.

Billy Thompson, creative director had this to say: “Everything we do is focused on enhancing the player’s experience. We strive for tight intuitive controls, well-balanced goals, game changing rewards, and player progression that will make you feel like a god! Above all, we want to  provide an online experience rivalling any other through co-operative and competitive multiplayer gaming. Online play is the future of gaming and we’re incredibly excited about where that is going to take us.”

Studio head Gaz Liddon added “Creative and talented people are the lifeblood of any studio and I am so excited to be working with the best the industry has to offer. It simply isn’t possible for any studio to have a better start than this.”

With that sort of pedigree, it’s hard not to look forward to whatever it is Ruffian has in store for us. There are rumours that they’re working on Crackdown 2, the much under-appreciated bonus that accompanied the Halo 3 beta. I hope this is true – Crackdown is one of the few Sandbox style games my fastidious personality actually enjoyed.

Ruffian games are based in Dundee. That’s Dundee Scotland, not Dundee Australia – so there should be no debates as to what is or isn’t a knife.

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Last Updated: January 22, 2009

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