Forza 3: New Screens To Keep You Salivating

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Well lets face it guys, we love seeing screenshots of upcoming games and especially if they offer the amazing high-def graphics and exquisite detail seen in the upcoming Forza 3 title.

The game is said to be released later this year but until then… enjoy the sights.

200907131615.jpg 200907131616.jpg 200907131616.jpg 200907131616.jpg 200907131616.jpg 200907131617.jpg 200907131617.jpg 200907131618.jpg

Source: forzamotorsport

Last Updated: July 14, 2009

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  • darthdad


  • Fox1

    Ferrari 😛

  • eXp

    Looks sexy, will def. get a copy. These screenies are, of course, taken in replay mode which makes them look nicer than they are. I’m not complaining tho.

  • Snoop

    do you beleive the graphics will be as good in actual gameplay ? I don’t

  • Faheem

    I honestly can’t imagine that it’d be that amazing but then again we’ll have to wait and hope to see that it actually is and allow our minds to be blown away.

  • Maxiviper

    Can’t wait!!!!

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