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Forza 3 Ultimate Edition Causes Massive Community Uproar

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[Update: We have contacted Microsoft/Turn 10 for an official response on the matter. Stay tuned for another update]

We recently posted about Microsoft and Turn 10’s exciting new Forza 3Ultimate Edition and Top Gear partnership, but it looks like it wasn’t as exciting to everyone, especially the real dedicated community.

The Turn 10 Studios blog has become somewhat of a warzone since the announcement and to make matters a whole lot worse, Turn 10 are causing more frustration and anger by completely ignoring the whole situation.

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The major issues stems from the fact that Turn 10 have included new vehicles into the pack that can only be obtained by buying the Ultimate Edition.

Most of the community members have already shelled out the full price for the original game as well as additional money towards all of the additional DLC packs. It’s for that reason that many of them see it as a complete slap in the face to have to buy another full game in order to get the new content and let’s face it, these guys want those cars more than anyone.

Even worse, most of these guys have spent the last year trying to get Turn 10 to fix issues and bugs with the game only to have a lot of the issues remain, not to mention packaged up with more content and release all over again. This, also after still not releasing one of the Jalopnik packs that was promised ages ago.

Everything started getting really out of hand when the comments where being completely ignored only to have Turn 10 allegedly start deleting comments as well.

Lately, Turn 10 has been focusing a lot on their Kinect integration, and with this new pack, are also looking to attract more newcomers and casuals. Either way, this is not how you treat your dedicated fan base, especially so close to the release of a rival title that is looking mind-blowing.

Turn 10 had better start doing some serious damage control, most of their most dedicated fans are pretty much saying their goodbyes and moving over to F1 2010 and Gran Turismo now, not a good thing for Turn 10 and the franchise in the long run.

Thanks to lans for the tip. You can view the post and comments on the Turn 10 blog here.

Last Updated: October 4, 2010

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