Free Assassin’s Creed Unity DLC includes mission

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Assassin’s Creed Unity is giving us a peek behind the curtain. Ubisoft is livestreaming a bunch of new content, and even doing giveaways and Q&As. This isn’t normally something I’d sign up for, and I think they know this – that’s why they’ve added a giant carrot for signing up.

Over on the Assassin’s Creed Unity site, you can RSVP for the livestream. By doing so, you get the American Prisoner Pack for Assassin’s Creed Unity. This pack includes:

  • American Prisoner Mission
  • Master Assassin Hood
  • Arno’s French rapier
  • Parade pistol

Of course, the way you claim this free DLC is by RSVPing for the event with your Uplay account. You will need to specify your platform of choice (Xbox One, PS4 or PC) and the DLC will be allocated to you when the game launches. Plus you’ll get reminded about the lifestream… because that’s what the whole promotion is about.

I normally hate DLC is any form. However, if I can get it for free with minimal effort, it doesn’t seem so bad. Besides, I was already planning on getting the Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass just so I could play that whole China Chronicles title. Wait, so did I just make my Season Pass less valuable? Should I maybe skip the Season Pass and just get the China Chronicles DLC? Why does it all have to be so confusing?

Are you excited to see the lifestream, or will you just pick up this free DLC for the sake of having it? In instances like this, I understand the value of a Uplay account, even if it takes me seven attempts to remember mine. Unfortunately, in all other respects, it just seems like a pain.

Last Updated: November 7, 2014

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