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Free Flash game speaks out against bullying

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Video games often reflect problems people and the world suffer in reality, The Adventures of Rubberkid speaks out against bullying and needs to you to help defeat it once and for all!

The Adventures of Rubberkid isn’t necessarily the most difficult or good looking or even entertaining game on Kickstarter, but I do believe it carries a great message. Whether we are always aware of it or not, bullying is a huge problem for not only children but adults too. It sure as hell is a huge part of the internet in many ugly forms, often seen as humour, just because “this is the internet”. This game is aimed at educating people about bullying, not only how it happens but the consequences it has and the impact on people throughout their lives.  

Game Features:

  • A new game from Charles Jackson, creator of When Asteroids Attack and Ellie’s Clubhouse!
  • Nine levels of gameplay, featuring three different game types.
  • Players can print out a certificate pledge as reminder to not bully others, but to also speak up when others are bullied. The certificate will even have the player’s name on it!
  • Those interested can pay what they want for Rubberkid, including nothing at all!  This allows schools and libraries easy access to this fun and educational program!
  • Story segments for each character allow the player to see the effects of bullying first-hand.  Seeing what each character accomplishes will encourage the player to speak up when they or someone else is being bullied.
  • Vivid, colourful graphics and characters from The Critterverse.

What does this game mean for us as gamers? Well every once in a while we can take off our baddass and troll caps and be serious about something, even though this isn’t a Far Cry, or Assassin’s Creed, or Dishonored. While we might not see any use for it in our lives because we are “way too cool to be bullied” it can make a difference and we are allowed to acknowledge it.

The creator Charles Jackson has some great initiatives going with this game, from printable certificates to Facebook cover photos. The Adventures of Rubberkid’s goal on Kickstarter is $750, a small price for a big cause if you’d like to help the world kick some bully ass. 


Last Updated: December 11, 2012

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