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Fruit Ninja on Kinect

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It has been announced that one of the top selling iPhone games of all time, Fruit Ninja, is going to be making it’s way over to the Xbox 360 and Kinect in the near future.

The games premise revolves simply around swiping your finger across the phone to slice fruit, the more you get in one swipe the more points you get and you need to avoid the bombs and pickup the bonuses.

It’s simple and perfect for in between (or during) meetings but I have to admit that I can’t see how it’s going to make the transition over to being a fully fledged XBLA title and then to also use Kinect.

I am a big fan of Kinect but mine isn’t accurate enough to really replicate swiping a sword and cutting fruit in half.

According to the Xbox.com game page the game will feature full offline co-op for 2 people and online multiplayer for 2-4 people…

I guess only time will tell if this cross over really works, Fruit Ninja for the Kinect will be released during the Summer of Arcade in the American summer.

Last Updated: June 7, 2011

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