FUEL Delayed For A Week

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Codemasters’ new and massively huge off-road racer FUEL was set to come out tomorrow in the United States, and then probably hit local shelves by Thursday or Friday, but has now been officially delayed.

Codemasters have confirmed to VG247 that the game has indeed slipped a week and will now only be releasing on June 5 instead. June 5, is in fact, a Friday, which means that it is possible that we will only see the game on our shelves the following Friday.

I looked into the matter to try and figure out when we will actually see the game on local shelves.

I did notice that evogames.co.za already has the game listed for release on June 12, which is that following Friday, but this may mean that if our release date is pushed from the 12th for one week, we may only see it as late as the 19th of June.

The idea of a massive open world off-road racing game seems pretty appealing, and with the guys from Codemasters behind it, I am sure that they will get a lot of things right. The real question is if they are going to finally change the driving dynamics that turned so many gamers away from both DIRT and GRID.

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Source: VG247

Last Updated: May 25, 2009

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