Fuel Events trailer looking…ho hum!

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I don’t think I’ve truly fallen for the whole Codemasters plot. Every time I do, they simply disappoint me repeatedly.

Yes, Rise of the Argonauts, I’m looking at you. And Fuel is another game that hasn’t truly roped me in yet and knocked my jaw out of proportion with sheer ridiculous awesomeness. It’s basically Motorstorm. With a twist, right?

 I bet you that’s how they pitched they idea when they first thought it up as well. We, um, take a game, um, like Motorstorm, and we, um, put, um…um…more cars in it? Yeah! That sounds genius! Let’s buy this immediately!

No! Bad! This is basically Flatout, just a little bit revised, in my opinion. Look, I might be totally wrong and this is the best game ever and it singes all the hair off my feet with it’s sheer awesomeness. Which would be really great, because my girlfriend is complaining, and the other guys at work keep calling me Frodo when we go to the beach, and…yeah…so…here is the FUEL Events trailer.

Last Updated: May 15, 2009

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