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Here are some fun cards for the “All-Star Squad” Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

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Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

My favourite Tavern Brawls for Hearthstone by far have been those that require picking only a handful of cards. The “Top 2” was fun, but the “Top 3” really kicked things up a notch. It opened up doors for some truly abusive card combinations!

The “All-Star Squad” brawl follows the formula of those two, but on a smaller scale. Here’s its premise:

Spiders and Portals have had their chance, now you choose! Pick one card for your deck, and you will get 22 copies of it plus 8 random class cards!

One card? That means no crazy combos unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean that this brawl isn’t packed with fun and potential. Here are a few cards I’ve tried out, or gone up against myself, or had suggested to me by a good friend who loves his Hearthstone:

Babbling Book (Mage)

Babbling Book

Babbling Book has proven to be a solid choice for me throughout this brawl. A board full of 1/1 minions, and a handful of random spells in exchange? What’s not to like?

Unstable Portal (Mage)

Unstable Portal

Unstable Portal is another cool card for this brawl. Throw out a few of them, and you’ll find your hand filled with a variety of slightly cheaper minions.

Swashburgler (Assassin)


Swashburgler is essentially the same as Babbling Book. The difference however, is that instead of a whole lot of spells, you’ll fill your hand with a loads of different cards, and from your opponent’s class too.

Undercity Huckster (Assassin)

Undercity Huckster

Undercity Huckster works similarly to Swashburgler, except that you don’t get class cards immediately. It can be a problematic choice if your opponent is playing a deck that only has spells doing damage to face (ie: they’re not killing your Huckster). Otherwise, it’s still a fun choice.

Leper Gnome (Hunter/Warrior)

Leper Gnome

This was an obvious card to pick I feel. I mean, it’s what’s shown on the splash page of the brawl for crying out loud! I do find that it works best with Hunter or Warrior specifically though. Play the little buggers out, and watch as your opponents health dwindles down in no time. Unless of course, they see no reason to kill off the gnomes, or they have no minions on the board that allows you to do it yourself.

Mind Blast (Priest)

Mind Blast

I’ve gone up against several priests that have used Mind Blast. If you cant kill them off by turn 5 or 6, well, you might as well concede right then and there, unless you happen to have healing that’ll sustain you.

Forbidden Shaping (Priest)

Forbidden Shaping

Forbidden Shaping is a neat card if you don’t really want to do any sort of thinking or planning in this brawl. Each turn you can throw it down, and leave it to RNG to see if you get a good card or not.

Fiery Bat (Hunter)

Fiery Bat

Fiery bat is a straight forward choice if you like going for face. Throw down as many as you can, accompanied by a few hero powers, and the game will be over in no time at all.

Timber Wolf (Hunter)

Timber Wolf

I went up against a Hunter who threw this down and I laughed. At least, I did until the board was filled with several of these buggers. I couldn’t counter attack fast enough, so naturally, I had tons of strong Timber Wolves attacking my face.

Naturalize (Druid)


Oh the classic “exhaust your opponents supply of cards” strategy. Naturalize worked well in the “Top 2” and “Top 3” Tavern Brawl, and it works just as well here. Well, it does if your opponent has minions out on the board.

Prince Malchezaar (any class)

Prince Malk

Don’t expect to win with Prince Malchezaar, but be sure to try him out. He’ll fill your deck with a ton of legendary cards, which makes for a good laugh. The problem is, drawing any that are cheap and playable early on strongly depends on RNG. You’ll either find your hand filled with tons of playable cards, or, you know, like 8 copies of Prince Malchezaar.

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl pic

These are just a few examples of what’s playable in the “All-Star Squad” Tavern Brawl. What cards have you been picking? Got any that are truly overpowered, or just downright fun to play around with?

Last Updated: October 13, 2016


  1. My friends and I actually discussed the one card deck concept around the Nax expansion, and came to the conclusion that Voodoo Doctor in Warlock is the most powerful. It allows you to heal up and control in the face of zerg decks, to wait and burst heal against control / fatigue, and to outcard your opponent with the hero power. The 8 class cards introduce some RNG, but I’ve been playing VD off and on these last two days and haven’t lost with it yet. Give it a shot, I think only Malchezzar and Flame Leviathan beat it.


  2. Narsil

    October 14, 2016 at 08:51

    I’ve been playing Murloc Tidecaller with Warlock and usually win within 2 or 3 turns


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