Game #3 Monster Concept – Name that monster

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Over at Behemoth games they have a developers blog that randomly gets updated with information about their upcoming title cryptically entitled Game #3.

Recently they posted up the above image of a yet unnamed concept monster from the new game and are asking fans to send in some names for the thing.

According to the developers

“This monster is territorial and resembles a raccoon or stag of sorts (Perhaps a distant relative of the Weapons Frog?). Being built as a predator this monster comes equipped with sharp teeth and hind claws. It also comes equipped with a mild case of narcolepsy – so the hunts must remain brief.”

So have you got a good name for it? If so then click through and let them know what you think.

Oh and who else thinks they are going to keep the name Game #3 now that it’s already getting media attention?

Source: Behemoth

[The animation only runs at real speed in FireFox]

Last Updated: May 5, 2009

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