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Game breaking advertising patented by Sony

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Bad Bad Sony

I’ve always said that I enjoy in game advertising, I like being able to hide behind a Coke van while laying covering fire at the enemy or crashing into a Motorola billboard at high speed as I lose control of the vehicle.

I think it adds to the game and as long as we’re not seeing the latest Apple iPhone advertised in a WWII game then I’m all for it, what I’m not for is a game breaking patent that Sony filed last year in November.

Let’s be clear, Sony isn’t saying they are going to do this and could simply be protecting gamers by patenting the idea and then not licensing that patent out.

But the patent’s steps go like this

  1. Initiating of interactive content (the game)
  2. Providing the player with an indication that the interactive content will be suspended
  3. Suspending the interactive content (stopping the game)
  4. Displaying an advertisement (May I suggest anger management classes?)
  5. Rewinding at least a portion of the interactive content
  6. Resuming playing of the interactive content

Yes you read that correctly, Sony patented an ad break for gaming.

How the patent office allowed it in the first place blows my mind but hey at least we know Microsoft won’t be the first to the party with this sort of overly intrusive content.

And yes that’s the only positive I’m seeing out of this terrible idea.

Last Updated: May 25, 2012

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