Game jam to challenge gender stereotypes in gaming

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You’ve all read about it somewhere, apparently games can’t have female protagonists because they won’t sell, women don’t get jobs in gaming and we also don’t get paid as much as men. Iamagamer is going to challenge at least one of these stereotypes with a 48 hour game jam session aimed at proving how incorrect it is.

Game jam has invited artists, designers, developers and writers to join up for a collaborative development marathon kicking off on 12 July in Vancouver, Canada, where they’ll all create video games with female protagonists hoping to smash the stereotype that female leads will not sell.

“this unprecedented event will dispute the prevailing opinion that video games are for guys and that games with strong, female lead characters will not sell (as observed in a recent Gamasutra article), sending a message that such stereotypes are not only incorrect, but have a negative impact on the industry.”, reads the press release.

Since the announcement late June, over 150 “jammers” world wide have signed up. Hell to the yes good guy Canada, you show them how wrong they are. I’ve always felt that only the industry itself can remedy the prevailing opinions about women in gaming. Instead of just writing articles about how bad it is, the problem can only be fixed once the industry becomes proactive.

If you want to know more about iamagamer and the Game Jam, you can head on over to their website which is absolutely awesome. I can’t stop scrolling up and down; check out the site to find out why.

Last Updated: July 1, 2013

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