Gamescom 2010 : Mass Effect 2 Headed to PS3!

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Me2PS3 During EA’s Gamescom conference they revealed that Bioware’s beloved RPG Space Opera series will finally grace Sony’s HD console.

That’s right folks, the much lauded former Xbox 360 exclusive Mass Effect 2 is headed for the PS3, and will be docking on your SpaceStation 3 in January of next year. We thought it was pretty damned fantastic, awarding it a 10 – one of only a handful of games we’ve given this accolade.

Unfortunately the first game in the series hasn’t been confirmed for a similar port – alienating PS3 owners who haven’t managed to play it. Regardless, it is one of this generation’s finest – and it’d be nice to play through it without swopping discs, eh?

Thanks to lans for the tip.

Trailer after the jump.

Last Updated: August 17, 2010

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