Gamescom 2010: New Dungeon Siege 3 Screenshots

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Square Enix have released some new screenshots. Here are some of the key features in case you missed them:

  • Experience the adventure with friends in an immersive online multiplayer experience.
  • Play Dungeon Siege in HD for the first time on all major platforms.
  • Travel through intense and wildly designed scenarios.
  • Customise your character and choose from several new classes.
  • Interact and recruit NPC’s that react to your decisions and alliances.
  • Watch as the world adapts to the players decisions and actions.

Have a squiz at the screens after the jump.

dungeonsiege37 dungeonsiege38 dungeonsiege39 dungeonsiege310 dungeonsiege311 dungeonsiege312 dungeonsiege313 dungeonsiege314 dungeonsiege315 dungeonsiege316

Last Updated: August 20, 2010

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