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GamesCom 2011 – NBA 2K12

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If you’re a fan of basketball, then chances are that you got your hands on last years NBA game, which critics hailed as one of the finest simulations ever made. With such an accolade under their belt, 2K Games were obviously going to have a tough time surpassing that, something which Company Link Chris Neider confirmed with us while showing off a latest build of the upcoming sequel.

“We had an amazing year with NBA 2K11, and the question is, how do you top that?”, Neider asked us. “That has been our number one focus this year, and we aim to further refine and better what came before”. 

Neider kicked things off with a quick match between Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat, and its clear that the current style of NBA broadcasting has made a definite impact on the sequel. Before the match starts, we’re treated to highlight reel of players, fans and coaches, while some catchy music gets everyone psyched up for the upcoming match.

The players look even more detailed this year, and that’s something that Neider is quite proud of. “We listened to the fans this year, to hear what they wanted, and some of the criticism we received was over how some of the players didn’t look like their real life counterparts. So we went in and changed that, creating all new models from the ground up”.


The match begins, and Neider shows us how all ball actions are now tagged to the right analogue stick, for more precise movement. “We want players to have the most possible control available, which they’ll need with our new collision system. Whether you’re in the air or on the ground, colliding with another players means dropping the ball”.

“We’ve also revamped the gameplay when players close in on each other, and we want people to treat that space as their own personal canvas, and perform signature moves”. The action looks fast and intense, and the players move smoothly, while performing unique moves that have helped define star players over the decades.

With that quick demonstration of a regular match over, Neider directs our attention to the new legends mode, which has more content player-wise, when compared to the Michael Jordan only mode from last year.

This time, players will get to choose from 15 legendary NBA players, as they’re tasked with repeating some of their greatest matches. The simulation doesn’t end there however, as Neider shows us how authentic to detail the matches are.


“Matches weren’t shown in colour in 1965, and clothes were much tighter than in today’s basketball events. Buts its not just visual, the opposing team will play differently as well. For example, dunking the ball was seldom done, and you wont see the opposition performing such moves all the time”.

“As an additional bonus, if you manage to complete the specific mode, and beat the other team, then you’ll unlock two more teams from that era to play with. So if you ever wondered if a team from forty years ago could beat a team from today, here is one way to find out for yourself. This year, the opposing AI is going to be a lot more challenging, and they’ll do everything they can to break your rhythm”.

Neider also told us how everything that he had shown us so far was single-player only, but that 2K Games were preparing to make some big announcements regarding the multiplayer segments soon.


Last Updated: August 19, 2011

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