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Gamescom 2012 Capcom – Resident Evil 6 goes social

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Time for Resident Evil 6, and the first thing announced is ResidentEvil.Net, a website that takes your gameplay stats from the game, and compares them with friends. (Update: Trailer added)

Features include the ability to tweet scores, while global community events will task players with eliminating 100 000 zombies for rewards, in the form of points. Players can spend these points on in-game items, such as exclusive outfits and gear.

Friends will also be able to join you when you’re online, for some drop-in co-op. Online Events will only have one single winner however, who will then be given a championship belt, which requires constant defense.

Other features include archive items, collected during the course of the story in RE6, which can then be read later. New gameplay surfaces now, as debut character Jake finds himself trapped in a shack during a blizzard with Sherry Birkin. Sherry then reveals that she has a unique healing ability, thanks to exposure from the work her father created with biologival weapons.

Armed forces attack the shack suddenly, which the duo fights off and escapes from on snowmobiles, outrunning an avalanche in the process, with the visuals looking quite crisp and clean so far, as the demo ends.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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