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Gamescom 2012 Capcom – Vergil returns in DmC

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The first game announced at the Capcom press event today was Devil May Cry, the upcoming remake from Ninja Theory. It looks like a sleek rollercoaster of fun, emotion and action so far, and it’s about to get even better, as Dante’s twin brother, Vergil returned in the new footage shown.

Things started off tense, as Dante confronted his brother (Who he has no memory of), and a mysterious lady from the Order, an anti-demon group fighting back against the invasion of nightmare creatures that was slowly overtaking the planet.

Cue one tense stand-off between Dante and Vergil, over his decision to risk all of humanity for the sake of a single girl, and the action kicked off, as a gigantic demon obliterated a skyscraper building, leading to some intense moments.

Vergil will have a large role in DmC, as the brothers fight back against the forces of the Underworld, including one savvy demon boss who has created a media empire, which he uses to slander Dante and paint him as a terrorist.

And it won’t just be the world of man and hell that players trek through, as a digital cyber world also makes its presence known, providing some funky new locations to duke it out with demons in.

DmC looks amazing so far, and stays close to the roots of the franchise, but it also has something else going for it, namely a clever plot. And that’s a notable first.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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