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Gamescom 2013 – Battlefield 4

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Move over FIFA, time for some Battlefield. And the game is looking as mentally massive as ever,

First up, the Battlefield 4 beta will be available in October. With that out of the way, it’s time to start talking about “levolution”. Battlefield looks like it’s going to have fully destructive maps, but at a whole new level this year that operates on multiple tiers and levels. levolution also impacts on water, with huge waves rocking your boat around.

And it looks downright crazy, as entire cities self-destruct around you. But levolution is more than just that, we;re told. “A completely new multiplayer experience, where Battlefield takes on a life of its own”, we’re told. And now for Battlefield Premium news.

Premium members get access to early content,  and five expansions are planned for the game. Obliteration is a new mode on the way, that has players playing seek and destroy. The twist? a randomly-placed bomb is on the map as well, which needs to be dismantled in time.

Last Updated: August 20, 2013

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