Gamescom 2013: NBA2K14 JAM

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by Grant Hinds

We all know the best basketball game ever made is Barkley, Shut Up and Jam Gaiden. So needless to say my excitement levels for NBA2K14 were extremely low.

Jokes aside, I had the privilege to sit and listen to a little presentation on the upcoming title and hear the developers had to say about it. The first thing that was clear is that these guys are amped about their b-ball. Some mentions were made of technology that makes ball-handling more authentic although there was no mention of the mythical Chaos Dunk.

Miami Heat’s Lebron James, one of the NBA’s most famous players, apparently got really involved in the development of the game, chose a large portion of the soundtrack and even scripted one of the trailers. He even insisted on doing the voiceover for the training component of the game. Not sure if they offered him money to do it but it sure sounded like it was a decision he made apart from monetary

The large emphasis of the talk was to announce the Euroleague’s inclusion in NBA2K14. They’ve signed a multi-year contract so you can play as your favourite European basketball players. Whether you’re interested in the announcement or not, it’s exciting to see developers include players from outside US borders.

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I did ask Chris Snyder, the senior director of marketing at 2K Sports, about the inclusion of African teams and as of yet, it’s something they’re not looking into. He did add that with more demand and growth in the sport on our continent, we might be seeing our teams appear in the 2K series in later years.

Last Updated: September 10, 2013

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