Gamescom 2013 – Plants vs Zombies 2

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PvZ 2 is doing well: in 5 days it was downloaded 16 million times. It will be getting new content, soon.  But, the main thing was PvZ Garden Warfare.

PvZ Garden Warfare will be coming to next generation consoles. It is a 3rd person action game running on the frostbite engine. But the real news – now, you can play as a zombie!  Gameplay looked incredible as zombies bombard a house and we see all different kinds of zombies: Soldiers, All-Stars, mad Scientist, and even the plumber-cracked Engineer.

It’s coming in Spring (northern hemisphere) 2014, coming first to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Then there’s the Boss Mode led by Dr. Zomboss exclusive to Xbox One. The Zombox lets you use gestures and voice commands to control zombies and take part in the game on mobile devices or using Smart Glass technology. I must say, this looks pretty awesome. PvZ has a way of shoving me aboard the hype train!

Last Updated: August 20, 2013

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