Gamescom 2014 – Infamous: First Light is neon overload

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Infamous: Second Son might not have been the most engrossing gameplay experience, but it’s definitely a stunner on the PS4. The lighting is just so on point, which is probably why the expansion, First Light, looks so damn fine.

In case you’re catching up, First Light stars Second Son’s female sidekick Fetch, in her own tale set before the events of the main game. The expansion is being released as a standalone experience, both digitally and physically at the end of this month.

Just before their press conference, Sony released a new trailer for the expansion that shows off what Fetch can do with light. There’s more light effects and lasers than a Daft Punk concert, so prepare your cornea.

InFamous: First Light will be released on August 27th via PSN, with a retail release shortly afterwards.

Last Updated: August 12, 2014

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