Gamescom 2014–Far Cry 4, Journey into Kyrat

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Far Cry 3 blew me away and made me re-imagine how psychological open world games can be done and now Far Cry 4 appears to be breaking entirely new ground in this unique genre.

The first trailer we were treated to showcased some incredible environments along with a multitude of different ways to dispose of your enemy.

From awesome crossbows to a bow and arrow to throwing knives and not to forget the always awesome close and personal knife to the throat.

We also get a glimpse into the strange nature that we expect from Far Cry with a bit of witch craft and what appear to be floating islands and some solid psychological experiences.

But that’s not all, while Far Cry 4 is coming to all platforms the PlayStation 4 version has a special addition called the Keys to Kyrat which gives you 10 keys which you can send to your friends for them to join you for co-op.

They will have full access to Kyrat to help you take over outposts, tame some animals or simply just explore the scenery.

Unfortunately the free experience will only last for 2 hours before they will be kicked out but that will surely be more than enough time to convince people to purchase the game.

Last Updated: August 12, 2014

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