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Unless Darryn has broken something you’ll be reading this while Geoff and I are still on our way to Cologne in Germany for Gamescom 2012 and as you may have noticed this year our coverage is being supported by Black Ops 2 (you’ll find out why tomorrow)

But the important thing is that this year we’ve tried something different and have created a dedicated Gamescom 2012 minisite that will show you all the Gamescom news in one space check it out right here.

Also check out the pre-order page Megarom have put together for Black Ops 2, I think it’s a nice way to showcase the pre-order specials but please do take a look and let us know what you think. We’ll pass the message on.

In other news, we’ve also launched our dedicated iPad/tablet/mobile site which is easily the nicest way to read our awesome content on your tablet. All you need to do is point your tablet/phone at and be amazed. We’re working on the lack of comments but do let us know what you think about that.

And lastly, sharing the stories you like on Facebook, Twitter and whatever other service you use really does help us. So if you like something please do click on the like button or share it with you friends.

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That’s it, this is going to be a busy week so stay tuned for some awesome coverage.

Last Updated: August 13, 2012

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