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Gay-themed JRPG coming West

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Fantastic Boyfriends

We often laugh at Japan’s open approach to nudity, sexuality and the male gaze. Feminism and its influence on gaming just isn’t the same there. However, this JRPG won’t get accused of being sexist by the usual crowd; instead, it’s all about saving the world while pursuing a happy homosexual relationship.

Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth is coming to the Western market. Well, assuming it gets some help. Made by a gay audience for a gay audience, it’s certainly not something we see all the time.

In this homage to classic JRPGs, you play as a male hero who is summoned to the fantasy world of Midearth to save it from a demon king.
As if your hands aren’t full enough, you’ll also be forming bonds and falling in love with characters such as a fierce horned ogre, a monk skilled in magic, a rough Adventurer’s Guild master, and a dragon in the form of a man (all male characters!).

Well that’s certainly a refreshing approach to turn-based RPG gaming. The story will still be the typical coming of age JRPG storyline I’ll bet, complete with Geoff’s favourite cliche of the mom waking you up to start your adventure of saving the world. I like that it’s taking a new spin on things and it’s definitely cool for gay gamers who so rarely get to see their sexual orientation represented outside of Bioware games.

While the developers are hoping to bring the game to iOS and Android, they do need some extra funding to make it happen. So, if you want to see this game on the app store, or if you just want to support unique games like this, head on over to their page to throw money at them.

Last Updated: May 22, 2015

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