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Gearbox are just awesome–True story

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I struggled to find a decent headline for a story that is as heart touching and wonderful as this.

You’ve likely never heard of Michael John Mamaril, in fact most people outside of his group of friends wouldn’t know who he was but Michael was a massive Borderlands fan and unfortunately also had cancer.

He lost his battle with cancer at the young age of 22 and to try and honour his Michael his best friend, Carlo, emailed Gearbox software and asked if they could please put a short eulogy together for Michael using the voice of Claptrap.

It must have been a strange request to receive but the incredible guys at Gearbox software not only agreed and put together a quick eulogy (listen to it below) but then also went a step further and offered to give Michael a part in Borderlands 2 as one of the NPC characters so that he could live forever in the game world he so loved.

Thankfully Carlo let Destructoid know about this after the funeral events had transpired and now we are all able to hear something special for ourselves.

It’s stuff like this that rebuild my faith in humanity.

Last Updated: November 4, 2011

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