Gears of War 2 Zune

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Some of you might remember the special edition Halo 3 Zunes, well get ready because Microsoft is doing the same for the Gears of War 2. Each 120GB Zune will have a laser-etched “Crimson Omen” (that’s the skull with the cog symbol around it) and come pre-loaded with 244 pieces of media, including the soundtrack, behind-the-scene videos and concept art.

The entire package will cost you $280 and will start shipping on November 7th and Pre-orders on will begin at 6am EST.

The Zune itself is a big step up from the Halo 3 version which was very unimpressive to say the least. Still, I’m not sure if there’s enough “special” in this special edition to really get excited about. Especially considering the main audience interested in something like this would probably be buying the Gears of war 2 Limited edition which has a bonus DVD that shares a lot of the same media anyway.

Source: Engadget

Last Updated: October 1, 2008

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