Gears of War 3 video and screenshot extravaganza

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It doesn’t seem to matter how many times we ask or how accessible we are we just don’t seem to ever be invited to Gears of War events by Microsoft or Epic.

It’s like that time in school when you were deeply head over heels in love with that one girl who pretended to like you but it never went any further than that… anyway lost love aside check out these awesome video’s and images from a recent Gears of War event that *sniff* we weren’t invited to.

What the hell is that thing?


Still not loved by the locals


What do you mean he’s back?


And then we have a bunch of screenshots, thanks to VG247

Bridge_Campaign_01 Bridge_Campaign_02Hanover_Campaign_01 Hanover_Campaign_02Ravens_Cine_01 Ravens_Cine_02Ravens_Cine_03 Ravens_Cine_04Ravens_Cine_05 Stadium_Campaign_01

And if that isn’t enough for you this morning then make sure you head on over to VG247 to read up on how Epic has designed the entire game around the 4 player co-op mechanic which sounds incredible, how it will play out as a single player experience is another thought entirely though.

Last Updated: August 16, 2011

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