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Gears S.A results – Here’s who made it out alive

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Just a hint, it wasn’t Gavin! But good on you for supporting local eSports boss, even though you did suffer a “beat-your-ass-to-the-ground” loss. As for the rest of the competitors, the lone wolves saw six no-shows and the in the clan wars CMR Flashback knocked out their brother team CMR Umkhonto.

This past weekend almost 200 Gears of War: Judgement players battled it out in pure chaotic shooter action as the inaugural Gears of War: Judgement South Africa tournament kicked off courtesy of Microsoft SA.

Lone Wolves

Lone Wolves (solo players) gave it their all in some free-for-all carnage with a score set to 30 kills. The top four of every group made it through to round 2 which will take place on 19 April, here’s who these brave soldiers are:

GaaTY                       iiM YeRr0w               v3loCiti                      The King 1243

jGLZA                        | Tourniquet |            vestedtooth               Icarus080

REDEAMER2210   Ryperior                    Alphose                     iiM SyLaR

Shadow Vaaitjie      Criptic                        MichaelWarnes       P1eterBok

BLOODSHOT219    Dorki Nigel                SlappaDaBassZA   UncleRico1

bull3tsaint                 Lowcust ZA              Stoney za Live         AgilePeanut

MANTIS004              MikeM 4 DBN           FLS Destroyer          BULL3TS0RMZA

MONSTAMAN46     FLS Sovereign         MaiyaZA                    The Phoenix ZA

iiM le0niidAs            FoFoZA                     muj33b                      xfactor1za

Junkie Jl                   Google ZA                RagedBU113t          bohiccaZA

NinjasCreed22         Supanov4 ZA           BryceJon                   CaV1e

z00bear                     MOSES ZA               Daxter ZA                  FLS BEANBILITY

dogg soldi3r              Noir Ghost                FLS Legacy              skinnyDarkblade

bradbear117            niitewlf


Clans had a “battle royale” in Team Deathmatch mode, after which nine of the teams fell out. The winners will frag it out in Round 2 on map Gondola on 20 April, check out the fixtures:


Ref Gamertag

Team Name


Team Name

7:00 PM


Capital Punishment


DTF The Apostasy

7:30 PM


FLS Legion


The Button Mashers

8:00 PM


CMR Flashback


Ghost Squad

8:30 PM


Enter Team Name


High 5 Synergy

9:00 PM


Judge Dredds



All games in Round 2 will be live streamed, and for those who want to check out some video footage of the games that went down in week 1, check out the live stream page on the official website!

Last Updated: April 15, 2013

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