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Geohot claims he doesn’t know who SCEA is

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The court case between Sony and Geohot is now heading down the rabbit hole as fast as it possibly can.

According to recent news Sony has been trying to prove that Geohot created an online account using one of his 4 PS3’s because by proving that they can also prove that he accepted the terms and conditions.

[sidenote]Expect the PS4 to force you to accept the terms and conditions when you first turn the machine on thanks to this[/sidenote]

But Geohots lawyers are denying he created an account and it was actually his neighbour who did it… I guess that’s better than claiming the dog did it.

He sounds like he might win that side of the argument but the next one needs a bit of common sense in it to be honest.

Geohot is claiming he doesn’t know who SCEA is, now granted you can be forgiven for not knowing that SCEA is Sony Computer Entertainment America but I just don’t believe that someone with the ability of Geohot didn’t know that while hacking the systems.

But it’s not only that he’s claiming he doesn’t know who SCEA but he’s also claiming that he thought the PS3 was a product solely of Sony Japan… why this is important is not entirely clear but I guess he’s still trying to prove that Sony America has no rights in prosecuting him.

I didn’t know pleading ignorance could get you out of trouble to be honest… oh wait it can’t. Just try it next time you are caught doing 140 on the highway and you tell the cop that you didn’t see any signs so you thought it was okay. Tell me how that works out for you.

Source: Gamasutra

Last Updated: March 29, 2011

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