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Dragon Age: Inquisition is almost here; only about a month to go until we get our hands on possibly one of the best experiences ever created by Bioware. But not everyone has played the game that started the franchise, and now you can – at absolutely no cost.

The EA Origin On The House program has previously given away such notable games as Battlefield 4 and The Sims 2. Now it’s time to help build even more excitement for Dragon Age: Inquisition by giving away Origins for free. That’s right, over on Origin you can pick up Dragon Age: Origins on PC without spending any cash. Obviously, this offer won’t last forever. So, you might as well link the game to your Origin account, even if you’re not sure if you’ll want to play it just yet. The offer only lasts until 14 October 2014, so be sure to grab it before it’s gone.

We sort of knew this was coming, right? I mean, this is the new tool at EA’s disposal. The On The House program is awesome for getting people excited about older titles, and as a result can help build excitement for new iterations in the franchise. However, it’s a win-win set up for everyone; players get a game for free while EA gets to reignite passion for a franchise.

Have you been grabbing the free games from Origin? When I picked this one up I realized that I’ve actually “ordered” all of them, but I haven’t installed any because of that whole Origin on PC stigma. I already played Dragon Age: Origins on console, but it can’t hurt to have it on multiple platforms, right?

Last Updated: October 9, 2014

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