Get to know Aloy better in this cosplay guide for Horizon Zero Dawn

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There’s a great number of first-party games on the way, whatever your taste in platform is. But I’ve got my eye set on Guerrilla Game’s Horizon Zero Dawn.

It looks like my kind of title: Big open environments, mixed with a touch of the robo-apocalypse and a human civilisation that has certainly seen better days.

Horizon Zero Dawn also has a great protagonist in the form of Aloy, a survivor who is capable of toppling mechanical giants with her bow and several arrows. And in that harsh new world, Aloy rocks a distinctive look. A look that is just asking to be cosplayed. And Guerrilla Games wants to oblige.

The developer has released a cosplay guide for Aloy, that details every facet of her wardrobe. Click any picture to embiggen. I’ve copied the salient info and points below. So knock yourselves out, and start crafting!

Aloy belongs to a fairly low-tech culture, and so has limited access to materials. Textile are sparse, rough and crude for the most part. Hide is the most commonly used material followed by leather, then linen. Aloy has managed to get hold of a couple of silks and satins and they serve as accents.

Aloy’s culture can only make simple tools, so the construction of her clothes is fairly simple. Stitching should be primitive and limited to simple techniques, such as whip-stitching. Garments should only have simple fasteners etc.

Whilst the construction and material are primitive, it’s important that the garment looks very carefully constructed. Though Aloy has limited means to make her clothing, she puts great care into doing so. Seams should be as neat as possible, stitching should be regular and even.

The only metal on Aloy’s costume comes from machines. In addition to the plates on the knee and arms, it’s used for buckles and other little functional pieces. Aloy can’t cut or alter this metal, so it should look like its taken directly from a robot.

Aloy keeps her clothing and gear in good condition, but because she’s out in the sun hunting machines – and lives in a world without laundry detergent – there can be a little wear on the costume for extra realism. Be sure it doesn’t look dirty or neglected. Her legs will be more worn than her upper body.

The only make-up that Aloy will apply is the dark eyeliner seen to the right. She also has freckles on her nose, cheeks and forehead.

  • The costume has three main components: A linen under-suit, a hide shirt and a simple skirt made from strips of hide
  • A small fur pelt is wrapped around Aloy’s shoulders – kept in place by one of the necklaces. It’s cut to form a V shape on her shoulders
  • The bracers are made in three layers: A hide base wrapped around the arm, on top of which an upside down fur pelt is place to cushion the third layer, a plate from a machine.
  • Aloy’s skirt is made from strips of relatively thick hide, with a linen and twine trim. These flaps are just tucked underneath her belt.
  • Aloy hasa  loose rope and a small silk sash at her side. the sash and scarf are the sophisticated textiles used. Everything else is hide or course linen.
  • Aloy wears multiple thin leather belts to affix her skirt, bags and quiver. There’s a sash udnerneath for comfort.
  • Like the bracers, the knee guard is a small plate harvested from a machine. It’s held in place with a simple braided rope.
  • The shoes are rough leather stitched carefully to fit Aloy’s feet snugly. They’re ideal for climbing or sneaking.
  • A couple of layers of hide and fur pelts are wrapped around Aloy’s shins.

  • The necklaces closer to the neck are made from braided or coiled leather. The exception is a single anodized cable, which loops around the neck twice and still has copper connectors attached.
  • The lowest three necklaces are made from wooden beads, dyed with crude pigment.

  • The robotic plate should show wear and tear – mainly edge wear where the coating is stripped away and the metal underneath shows, but also light scratching.
  • Note that the bracers are completely different from one another.
  • The fur is rabbit pelt, cut to shape.

  • The construction of the bags is simple – There are no fasteners.

  • The construction of the quiver is really simple. It’s just a single piece of leather wrapped around and sewn together. The leather straps are there for support.
  • The copper ring and buckles are sourced from machines.

  • The bow mixes hand-crafted materials such as wood with machine elements. The machine elements are functional and move – you can see this in action in the E3 2015 trailer.

Aloy’s costume is somehow simple and complex at the same time. But it certainly is something which can be achieved if you follow the points above. I love seeing guides like this from a developer. It shows not only love for their creation, but an attitude that embraces the other side of the gaming culture.

I’m looking forward to seeing quite a few Aloy cosplays in the near future then.

Last Updated: August 12, 2015

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