Get your name into Crysis 2

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How’s this for a weird marketing campaign, if you head on over to Twitter and follow @Crysis then send them the following message you could find your Twitter tag plasted on one of the walls in the upcoming Crysis 2.

The message to send depends on your region and we are all pretending that we are in the UK so you can send this one

Hey @Crysis, I want you to put my name in the game! #Crysis2contestUK

If you’re in America then use this

Hey @Crysis, I want you to put my name in the game! #Crysis2contestNA

And thanks to Germany’s weird censorship laws they also get their own one

Hey @Crysis, Ich mochte meinen Namen im Spiel sehen! #Crysis2contestDE

They are only accepting 50 winners so get tweeting…

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: May 3, 2010

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