Getting the best out of PS4 Pro is complicated, as Sony explains

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PS4 Pro is complicated

The PS4 Pro (and by extension, any new console supporting 4K and HDR) is making console gaming complicated again. Sure you can just plug in that HDMI cable, load up the dashboard and just start with your favourite games, but will you be getting the best out of your new purchase? It’s likely not, and Sony understands that – which is why they’ve felt the need to make a video explaining it all.

The new video details how to navigate the PS4 Pro to ensure that you’ve got two of its most important features setup – 4K and HDR. The PS4 Pro should be able to detect those automatically, but there’s a chance it doesn’t. In that case you’ll need to head to video output setting and just keep everything on auto. If your TV supports it, the PS4 Pro will pick it up. Which just leads to the second problem.

Buying a 4K TV for these consoles is hard. Trust me, because I’ve been looking around for the past few weeks, learning new TV lingo and understanding just what “supported” and “fully supported” means. Right now getting a simple 4K TV is fine, but you’ll need to look out for two things. First, and most importantly, is input lag, which is just atrocious on some old 4K TVs. To the point where gaming is just not an option on them.

The other is HDR support, and it ties into input latency. Some sets, like LG and Samsungs from this year, have no issue supporting HDR with low input latency. When you take a closer look though, that camp is divided. You’ve got some expensive OLED TVs that deliver HDR in the way it’s meant to look, while cheaper sets pull off the effect with more diluted results. Right now you should just be looking for 10-bit wide colour displays, so that even if your TV doesn’t get bright enough, you’re still getting all the colours HDR really needs.

So yeah, it’s confusing – and a lot more work to put in if you’re looking to really get the best out of your PS4 Pro. But we’ll go in a lot more depth in our own review soon.

Last Updated: November 11, 2016

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