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Ghost of Tsushima – Where to find the Tadayori armour and become the best archer in the land

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GOT Tadayori armour (3)

Sure having a samurai sword is fun and all, but have you ever picked a charging Mongol off from a distance or stopped an entire squad dead in their tracks before they could even get close to you? Archery is a big part of Ghost of Tsushia, a vital skill that you’ll pick up along the way and can be augmented even further with a legendary set of armour. That also comes with a silly hat.

Tadayori’s armour is the stuff that you’re after, and if you want to know how you can get your hands on it, sit back and take a gander at this guide!

1. Find the musician in Tsutsu

GOT Tadayori armour (4)

Easy enough. The fella is surrounded by fans, and he’ll tell you a mighty fine tale if you sit down and listen to him.

2. Travel to Northern Azamo

GOT Tadayori armour (5)

Now that you’ve got a marker, it’s time to begin your quest! Travel around 700 meters, keep your eyes open for the violet flowers and you’ll eventually reach the spot in the image above. Climb the small mountain, and you’ll eventually end up here at the Violet Crown.

3. Follow the map

GOT Tadayori armour (7)

Time for some clues! You’ll be given a map, and some vague pointers on it to your next direction:

GOT Tadayori armour (8)

From the Violet Crown, it’s pretty easy to see where you need to go next:

GOT Tadayori armour (9)

Continue along the violet journey, through Houren’s Path and you’ll eventually end up at Tadayori’s Rest. Crawl through the rocks and investigate the cemetery.

GOT Tadayori armour (10)

4. Defeat Kaede, guardian of Tadayori’s Rest

GOT Tadayori armour (11)

And now to fight! Duel Kaede, defeat her and you’ll be given your next clue.

5. Travel back to Azamo Bay

GOT Tadayori armour (1)

Exactly what the point above says. Go back to your current stronghold, and follow the Guiding Wind to the top of the nearby mountain. On the summit, you’ll find the musician who told you the tale, and you’ll get your hands on the armour. Just in time as well! A Mongol force wants to claim it, and you’ve got an itchy bow-finger that’s ready to put it to good use. Defeat the horde, and the quest is done.

GOT Tadayori armour (13)

Throw a few archery charms into your gear, and you’re set to rock and roll.

Last Updated: July 17, 2020

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