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Ghost Recon: Wildlands – All sniper rifle scope locations

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I’m sort of surprised with myself lately. When I’m usually given a game that combines open-world mechanics with a freeform approach to how you want to approach any mission, I usually abandon stealth for a straight-up killing spree. You can’t risk being detected by the enemy if they aren’t breathing, know what I mean?

But in Ghost Recon: Wildlands? I’m finding myself actually favouring the shadows for once. Maybe it’s the hours spent playing Hitman that have given me a new appreciation for stealth, or maybe it’s the fact that actually coordinating a team of bearded operators to synchronise their kills actually feels somewhat solid and satisfying. The best weapon for such an approach will always be a sniper rifle of course, with a fairly solid model unlocked early on in the game.

It does unfortunately have what my dad would call a “piss-willy” scope attached to it, something which you’re going to want to swap out as soon as possible for something far more substantial and accurate. So where do you find the parts for your sniper rifle? Right here according to INFSleeper on reddit, who provided a one-two punch map and video for all the bits of gear Click to embiggen or play:


Just remember, the maximum magnification you’ll find within these scopes is 6x. Which might leave the more precise sharpshooters around here a bit peeved. Anyway, that’s a good start to a sneaky approach to the Wildlands. A game which may or may not feature me parking choppers on top of Kervyn or forgetting that he doesn’t have a parachute when I hover over an enemy base and leap out mid-air to avoid the improvised explosion.

Last Updated: March 8, 2017

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