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Ghostbusters VR game out now for PlayStation

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Ghostbusters now hiring (1)

When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood…it’s probably Nick going through your black bags looking for photos of Chris Pratt. Who ya gonna call? The police obviously, but we’re not talking about explained phenomena that deserves to be locked away for life. Rather, I’m more interested in the paranormal activities of the unknowable, strange phantasms and shadows in the dark that you need a quartet of experts to deal with.

When it comes to the unexplained, you call the Ghostbusters, the ultimate solution in after-life pest control. Probably one of the coolest jobs of all time as well. Wouldn’t it be rad to be a Ghostbuster? Yes, yes it would be awesome to run around town with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator strapped to your back, even if it would render you more sterile than Chernobyl.

So what’s the best solution then? A virtual one.

Like an RKO, Sony has come from outta nowhere to announce the arrival of the first chapter of Ghostbusters: Now Hiring for PlayStation VR. It plays exactly as you’d expect it to: A first-person spectre-wrangling experience as you step into the boots and chemical gloves of a new recruit at the Ghostbusters firehouse and get to work on dealing with pesky phantoms. And not the kind that Ben Affleck was the bomb in, yo.

“Where we put out chapter one, if people like it and see what they want, then we can add chapter two and keep going,” senior vice president of VR at Sony Pictures Jake Zim said to io9.

Ghostbusters is so big you can kind of go all over the place.

I’m kind of giddy over the idea of this game.Growing up, every kid on the block wanted to be a Ghostbuster. If your parents were rich and you were spoiled rotten, then you’re probably also the little bastard who ran around with an officially licensed proton pack that had a twirling pool noodle attached to it and yes I still hate the guts of that kid who had one.

I still showed him many years later when I built my own proton pack replica. Damn thing is kind of heavy though, so I’ll take the VR solution for when I want to save my spinal discs from realigning themselves painfully. If you’ve got PS VR, you can grab Ghostbusters: Now Hiring for a cool $7. For 10 minutes of game. Virtual Extortion.

Last Updated: March 23, 2017

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