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Girl dies while playing Xbox, okay not really

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The Sun in the UK isn’t a great bastion of news and as a Liverpool supporter I am required to hate them, but their latest gaming related story really doesn’t pass even a basic test.

The headline reads, “Anna-Lee 13, dies as she plays Xbox”. Now the story itself is tragic and the death of anyone never mind a 13 year old girl is a terrible thing.

However the story isn’t true. Yes Anna-Lee has tragically died at the age of 13 but not while she was playing Xbox.

She had been playing Xbox earlier and then got up to go to the bathroom and on her return she told her mom she can’t breath anymore. After which she collapsed and was rushed to hospital where they were unable to save her.

Apparently all she had wrong with her was asthma and wasn’t even sick at the time of this incident, I’m hoping a post-mortem will clear up the reasons for her death but one thing you can be sure off is that playing on an Xbox 360 a little while before her death really had nothing to do with it.

Unless she had been allowed to play non-stop for a few days but then that’s also nothing to do with the Xbox and far more to do with lack of physical movement.

Source: TheSun

*Reason why Liverpool fans won’t buy The Sun

Last Updated: July 29, 2011

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