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Go for the black coins when Super Mario Run comes to Android in March

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Super Mario Run is a damned good game. I didn’t think so at first. When I first started the game up on my trusty, dusty old iPad I was more than a little underwhelmed. While I knew the game had a $10 asking price, I thought there’d be a little more to the game’s demo. Just three little levels that were over in about 3 minutes – hardly the sort of great level design that the Mario games are famed for.

Of course, I bought it anyway – and it was only later when I started trying to get all of the game’s coins that its design genius slapped me in the face. It hit particularly hard when I started going for the trickier, black coins that unlock when you’ve collected all of the preceding pink and purple ones.

Alessandro wrote all about it earlier this year, and it’s something I agree with wholeheartedly.

“They’re the ultimate challenge in the runner, but also (mostly) its most fair. Your reflexes are tested here in a way that the core game experiences doesn’t even get close to. Timing wall jumps that change Mario’s running direction to interact with (and selectively avoid) certain level elements are the only way to reach the little bastards, and even then it’s sometimes not enough. Knowing where the coins were was just the first step, while figuring out how to reach them was an entirely different one.

Certain coins required a ridiculous amount of setup which, which ranged from the brilliant to the tedious. A handful required the timely murder of a specific Koopa, so that I could later vault off his shell into the air or have it bounce off a coin from an inaccessible area. Others bordered on the ridiculous, like a particular Black Coin snuggled between two pillars of spikes, that required the use of an invincibility Star to wall hop between. Miss that single chance to get it, and restart the level.”

Anyway, the point of all of this is that Android users can finally play the game in March. I implore you Droid-toting folk to look past the mere bite that Nintendo gives you for free – because there’s a hell of a game behind that paywall.

You can pre-register to be notified of release here.

Last Updated: January 19, 2017


  1. Admiral Chief

    January 19, 2017 at 12:17

    Nee dankie, no MEHrio on my droid, sies


    • HvR

      January 19, 2017 at 12:21

      I also do not take purchasing advice from a guy who purchased iDongle collection and think 2 min noodles is gourmet food


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